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The Orvis Fly-Fishing Podcast George Daniel on Winter Fly Fishing

This week, continuing our series of podcasts on winter fly fishing for trout, I interview George Daniel, author and guide. George is also an Orvis ambassador and field tester, and teaches fly fishing at Penn State. As you’ll discover, there are many similarities with winter fishing in other parts of the country, along with some flies and techniques a bit more appropriate for the Northeast.

In the Fly Box this week, we have some great tips and questions, including: Do you use touch dubbing, split thread dubbing, and composite loop dubbing techniques? I’m looking for a fly line to fish streamers for bass, trout, and panfish. Which line should I get? What leaders do I need for my Clearwater Trout Spey setup, for both Skagit and Scandi lines? What’s your technique for catching largemouth bass, and what are your favorite flies? Why can’t I get my dubbing noodle to behave? Which intermediate line should I get for fishing streamers and indicators in four to eight feet of water? A great tip on a method for wetting marabou and other materials without putting them in your mouth. I went fishing before a cold front and got skunked. I thought fishing was supposed to be good before a cold front. What line and leader and tippet would you use for trout in lakes in 15 feet of water?

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