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The Orvis Fly-Fishing Podcast More Winter Fishing Tips, with Rachel Leinweber

My guest this week is Rachel Leinweber [39:38], general manager of The Angler’s Covey fly shop in Colorado Springs. One in a series of podcasts about winter fly-fishing tips, Rachael has some great ones for us, and it’s been interesting to see how each guide we’ve talked to has a slightly different take on effective winter tactics.

In the Fly Box this week, we have the following questions and tips: Is there an easier way to balance a fly rod than buying a heavier reel? How can I get my parents to approve of my fly-fishing passion?

When fishing large streams, and making casts too long for a roll cast, how do you get your fly out without catching trees and bushes?

Do ducks and muskrats and beavers spook trout?

Will the techniques I have learned on my local tailwaters in Utah translate to freestone (non-tailwater) rivers in Wyoming?

Can I use BigEye dry flies as sliding indicators on a dry-dropper rig?

How can I tell a wild from a hatchery fish?

Why did trout take my indicator and ignore my nymphs?

A tip that sometimes catching a trout from a pool does not spook the rest of them.

Why don’t manufacturers put handles on both sides of a fly reel?

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