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The Orvis Fly-Fishing Podcast Overcrowding on Trout Streams, with Spencer Durrant

Overcrowding is an issue on many of our more popular trout streams, and there is no easy solution.  This week I join journalist Spencer Durrant [@40:06] to discuss what he sees are solutions to some of the problems, both in finding alternate places to fish and also how to behave if you find yourself on a crowded river.   

In the Fly Box this week, we have the following questions and comments:

Are all gloves bad for handling fish? What section of a river should I fish and what areas of a river should I target at different times of day? Should I always fish a dry with a dropper and can I use this method in fast water? Can I get permission to get a tattoo of Tom on my arm? Are there any significant advantage of a 6-weight rod over a 5-weight? How can someone get into raising poultry for the fly-tying industry? How beat up can a streamer get and still be effective? Any insight in getting a fly-fishing class set up in my school? What do you think about people playing bluetooth speakers on steelhead rivers? How do I decide what flies to bring on a trip? Any old school tips you can share with us? Some great tips from a listener on the use of game bird feathers.

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