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Carpgeezeer Podcast 18: ###Elpsode 18 with Perry Alabaster From DNA Baits###

This podcasts Quest is the Big Carp man himself Perry Alabaster from the DNA Baits team who has had so many Big Big Carp from all over the county and abroad

Perry started on the DNA Team back in 2013 after getting noticed from a unbelievable season and with that Perry won the best Carp angler of the year (East Region)..

Perry is 100% one of the nice guys of the carp fishing world and will always have time for those that have questions, Meeting Perry at the Essex Carp Show this year he had nothing but time to talk to everyone with a funny story being told about his cold chips!!!

His Carp fishing journey covers venues such as Rose mere, Elphicks and now spending time back on Monks lake.

This podcast is full of carp fishing banter but there is some occasional swearing that is not meant to offend

Also, there is a little story within the Cast of someone asking for Perry’s autograph some time ago, so if that person can give me some information on the date and location that this happened i will send you Perry’s autograph in the post! lololol

Please enjoy listening to this episode as much as we did making it

Thanks to,

Perry for being a great quest

#DNA Baits

Keith Gladdish

Thanks for listening



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