Cheerio’s and cork floating boilies

Floating boilies or pop-ups are generally made in the microwave as opposed to boiling the dough balls. But sometimes making floating fishing baits can be a bit of a hit or miss when using the microwave. Whether that’s to do with timing or the recipe of the fishing bait can be hard to determine.

Apart from microwaving the bait dough another way to make it a floating boilie is to add in ground-up cork. Fortunately, cork is biodegradable and will quickly decompose when blended up into small particles.

This recipe for a pop-up boilie uses cheerios or other honey nut cereal and flour as a base. By adding blended cork it gives it the ability to float. Then you just boil as a normal boilie bait.

I’ve not done this method before but it seems like a much more reliable way of making floating bait for fishing. It’s going to be put on my list of things to do pretty soon.



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