Banana and Condensed Milk Boilies

This is a really nice way to use up some old bananas that may have gone a little too over-ripe. Mashed up and combined with flour, condensed milk and turmeric they make a bright yellow flavoursome bait. It also has a great scent attractant to bring the fish to your bait.

The boilie making table seen in the video can be a bit of a costly investment so I have a sausage gun. I just put the dough in the gun with a small nozzle fitted. Squeeze out the dough and then it’s simply a case of a quick cut to the required size. I don’t even bother to round them off as they are suitable for use as a pellet shape.

I guess you could change the colour of the yellow by replacing the Tumeric with paprika to give it a bright red colour. The paprika also has a scent that will attract fish and offers a different attractant if Tumeric is not working for you.


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